Thanks for visiting the site. We’re relaunching in September with a few changes to the line-up. Check back as we roll out our new stuff. Here are some of the things you can expect:

  1. More articles about writing. We’ll be using actual books as examples to illustrate what we mean when we talk about great characterization, stellar pacing, and epic world building. That means you can read the same books we’re referencing and see if the lessons learned apply to your writing.
  2. More book reviews. We read a ton of books and in the quest to remember each character and each plot twist, we’re writing our findings down. We’ll also post our reviews on goodreads.
  3. Bookstore reviews. Because we end up in many a strange, forgotten place and can only get our bearings once we find a good bookstore, we’ll be posting our findings for you to visit the same stores and see if the magic has stayed around.

Our credentials

I¬†was a literary agent for 8+ years, working at two agencies before opening my own agency and running it for five years. I work with a small team of people who’ve worked in the book industry and know how to help writers tell their stories. I’ve worked on fiction and nonfiction, YA and adult books. My favorite genre to read is women’s fiction (I’m a big fan of Liane Moriarty and new to the Jennifer Weiner party), but love editing romance and mysteries, women’s fiction and commercial fiction, middle grade and YA books. I don’t do much editing for nonfiction, so please visit Publisher’s Marketplace for appropriate editors.

About Johnson Lit Agency, Inc.

I am no longer accepting new clients for Johnson Lit Agency, Inc. All queries will be deleted and a reply email will be sent reminding writers that I’m no longer agenting, but am accepting new editorial clients.

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