Spreading Your Message Using Social Media

Part two of Share Retweet Repeat: Get Your Message Read and Spread by John Hlinko deals with the ways in which you can reach your audience. This includes via website, social media, and blogging. While I can see the benefits of both a website and a blog (since I use both of those myself to get the word out about my own business), I tend to focus on social media since it has the widest reach for writers to capture readers.

To build an audience, I recommend that a writer sign up for Twitter or Facebook. I don’t say sign up for both because each platform has its own quirks. There are some die-hard Twitter users that have large followings with almost no Facebook presence and vice versa. I find it easiest to learn one and learn it well, then include the other. I say include because its easier to cross-post content on both platforms than to create different content for each.

It’s important to consider what tone you want your social media presence to have. Are you interested in breaking news? Making funny comments? Learning what others are up to? What you post adds to your brand and you want to focus it in a way that complements your brand.

Join me next week when I talk about (paid) advertising and PR.