The Social Media Connection

Looking At Social Media For The Month Of July

You may have noticed that my site has been getting some tweaks and changes recently. I’ve started blogging about interesting news and articles that has caught my attention daily. I’m going to continue reviewing business books with the caveat that I won’t be writing about one book per month, but will write about whichever holds relevance.

For the month of July I’m focusing on social media. How can a writer use social media to begin their career (even before you’ve begun writing your book)? What are the practices of major writers (NY Times and critically acclaimed) on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites? How does a writer develop a brand using social media?

To start things off, here is a list of books that are focused on all things social media. I’m adding links to the books for purchase on the BN website, but feel free to purchase wherever is convenient.

The News Round-up

I’m a news junkie. I’ve weened myself down to two newspapers a day (plus books and magazines), but haven’t found a place to put all of the stories that interest me. Here’s a round-up of the articles that are most intriguing. Some are publishing related, some are tech related, and the rest simply caught my eye.

Julie Bosman reports on Thomas Pynchon finally allowing his books to be sold in e-book format. Pynchon still reads print books (according to his publisher), but wants more readers to find his books and that means allowing them to be converted to e-book format.

Poets walked across the Brooklyn Bridge on Monday for The Poetry Walk. I love that Walt Whitman’s “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry” was read at the Fulton Ferry Landing. Must look into tickets for the next event Poets House hosts.

There’s an article about Facebook addressing criticism over its ads and how they don’t work. I have to say that some of those ads annoy me to no end. I like that local businesses can buy ad space, but they’re not well crafted or researched. Have they not watched Mad Men? Do your research and pay a graphic designer or a copywriter to design the ad. Facebook is defending its ad services as effective ways to reach new and existing customers.

The NY Times and the Wall Street Journal had more than¬†a few articles about great things happening in various neighborhoods of the Bronx. Since that’s where I grew up I’m very pleased about the coverage.

There’s a mall coming to Bay Plaza in Baychester. It has a very suburban look in the mock-up, which should be interesting to test in such an urban area. It will be nice to see the area get built up more.

And in Mott Haven, Dr. Samantha Miller is donating $40k to Haven Academy to pay for after school classes. She’s hoping to help give advantages to underserved children and families in the area.